Liebster Award

FullSizeRenderFirst of all, a special thanks to for nominating me, I really appreciate it. Check out his blog, his photos are amazing!

I would also like to say that I really like the idea of the Liebster Award! This is a great way to promote new bloggers and interact with fellow bloggers.

Here is how it works:

Thank and link the person who nominated you.
Answer the questions given by the nominator.
Nominate 5 other bloggers, who have less than 300 followers and link them.
Create 10 new questions for the nominees to answer.
Notify all nominees via social media/ blogs. Fun, right?
Okay here are my questions…

1. What makes you the happiest?

When I am at home on a lazy Sunday morning, browsing Netflix or just slowly waking up, that’s what makes me happiest. Just relaxing on the weekend.

2. Where is your favorite place to visit?

I visited many National Parks, San Fransisco, many west coast beaches, but my favorite place to visit Would be Hawaii. The big island is so unique. I have family there and whenever we visit it’s like a different experience each time, there are wild turkeys roaming around in your front yard, vendors on the side of the street, and surfers in the water 24/7 it’s really a wonderful place to visit.

3. What is your favorite form of self-expression?

I write how I feel, whether I’m happy, sad, excited, scared, etc.

4. Why did you start a blog?

I started blogging because I wanted to better my work with the help of photographers when have experience and knowledge.

5. Who is your favorite author?

Shel Silverstein is my favorite author. His book Where the Sidewalk ends inspired me to start writing down my random thoughts and turning them into something. This book may just be a silly children’s novel but the simplicity is what I find inspiring.

6. If you could have lunch with any historical figure who would it be?

Christopher Columbus. I would have absolutely loved to have met Columbus, his urning to set sail and find the ‘New World’ is fascinating and would be great to talk to him about his experiences.

7. What’s your favorite food?


8. If you could achieve anything in the world what would it be?

I would like to climb Half Dome before the end of next summer.

9. Do you like warm weather or cold weather?

Warm weather, but not to warm. More like spring weather.

10. What’s your favorite TV show?

Monk, Starring: Tony Shalhoub is my favorite TV show ever! I’ve seen every episode at least twice.

Alright here’s the fun part! The following are my nominations:

 Here are my questions for my nominees ↓

  1. What inspires you the most?
  2. Why did you decide to start blogging?
  3. How do you spend your time when you aren’t blogging?
  4. What makes you smile?
  5. Where are two places you would like to visit this summer?
  6. What is your greatest strength or weakness?
  7. Chocolate or Vanilla?
  8. What was your first thought when you woke up this morning?
  9. What is your favorite quote/word?
  10. Have you ever danced in the rain?
    I hope you all have fun making this post!:)

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