6 people in a huge space hot air balloon it’s always floating on its side

It’s massive and beautiful

-one of the astronauts buys this plant thing but it’s a live organism that eats brain material.

It sheds these little fibers and then they attach to your skin and enter your brain and kill you.

3 birds in the sky form a triangle, one starts dying and falls awkwardly from the sky seizing and dying while slowly falling.

I’m Sitting in the main room of the balloon, it looks like a kitchen from the 50s. I open a cupboard and there’s a bunch of old vintage sweatshirts with old cartoon logos on them. And there was this old hand made manger scene one of the astronauts made with poster board and Velcro so it wouldn’t fly away. Super aged, missing the faces of the 3 kings.

Then I see a tiny spider, I try smashing it but I have no strength so I just end up picking him up on accident, I get bit by it and I smash him again in shock. I look, his head is stuck in my skin like one of those goat heads and it itches like crazy.

I leave with another astronaut to try and find the killer organism and we are walking through an air port that’s almost at 0 gravity. So it’s tilted sideways. All the shops are closed and I really had to go to the bathroom. There was one bathroom close to the end of the airport drop off, it was this huge rusty metal door that was chipping bronze paint that wrote (in little etched white letters) not open to the public.

We float back up the where the air balloon was stationed and it wasn’t there. We start freaking out because we thought they left. We look around and then start to see little vibrant pieces of the manger scene on fire and confetti is falling. We look around for where they are coming from and we see this HUGE beautiful ball of water and fire. There was a little boy screaming “I’m sorry I did something wrong! I don’t know what I did!” And the other astronauts look saddened and disappointed. The balloon is being illuminated from the inside out and you can clearly see all the colors of the balloon eerily clearly and vibrant. There was a huge ball of water surrounding a ball of fire/butter. The boy was making popcorn and spilled the oil and butter which caught fire. So they released the water to flood the balloon. But we’re almost in 0 gravity so it was all together slowly falling. It was SO vivid and really beautiful.

This was my second time having this dream.